ASTROIDE is an open source software, distributed under GPL V2 Licence. It was supported by the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin (UVSQ) and the Centre National d`Etudes Spatiales.

ASTROIDE is a distributed data server tailored for the management of large volume of astronomical data and concentrates on query processing and optimization. ASTROIDE stands for ASTROnomical In-memory Distributed Engine. It is designed as an extension of Apache Spark, and takes into account the peculiarities of the data and the queries related to astronomical surveys and catalogs.

ASTROIDE includes the following extensions over Spark:

  • Index and partitioning support for astronomical data. It combines data partitioning with an indexing technique adapted to astronomical data (HEALPix pixelization), in order to speed-up query processing time.

  • Astronomical operators. It proposes efficient and scalable cone search, kNN search, cross-match, and kNN join algorithms tailored to the proposed physical data organization.

  • High-level data access. It supports the data access and query using the most common astronomical query language ADQL.

  • Astronomical query optimization. It extends the Catalyst optimizer and exploits partition pruning for astronomical operators. It introduces new physical and logical optimizations to optimize query execution plans using transformation rules and strategies.